Hairy Trees

Barkly Gardens, Richmond

Touch my garden
Rain clouds, mountains
Sunshine all day long

Sunrise, meadows
Oceans, rainbows
Starlight, all day long

Goldfrapp – Hairy Trees


4 Responses to “Hairy Trees”

  1. geelongcatsfan Says:

    i was watching the circle today. A woman from Richmond sent in photos of things she saw around the place. There was a used Santa, a kettle on a fire hydrant amongst other things.

  2. geelongcatsfan Says:

    how did you get your publish with facebook thingy?

  3. Beti Boo Says:

    yeah richmond does have sum quirky things floatin’ around!
    a kettle on a fire hydrant, LOL!!
    i got the publish with FB thing from the dashboard

  4. geelongcatsfan Says:

    lol!!! Richmond makes me laugh. I love it.
    Thanks so much for that. My facebook is now linked to wordpress.

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