You say coke, I say cain

Lennox St, Richmond - Bicycle sans wheels

You say coke, I say cain
You say John, I say Wayne
Hot dog, I say cool it man! Don’t wanna be the President of America
You say smile, I say cheese
Cartier, I say please,
Income tax, I say Jesus
I don’t wanna be a candidate for Vietnam or Watergate,
Cause all I wanna do is
Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
I want to ride my
Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

Queen – Bicycle


5 thoughts on “You say coke, I say cain

  1. this is a great one! i really like the lyric choice.
    I told my dad about your blog and he thinks you should take photos of the channel nine building in bendigo st before it is demonlished.

  2. fat bottomed girls u make the rockin’ world go ’round, lol, remember us singing that on elizabeth st?! lol
    i’ll try go see the 9 buliding 2day, it’s a bit of a walk but i’ll leave early and walk fast, lol

  3. lmao!!! that was such a classic beti and sim moment. 😀
    I cannot wait to see the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really looking forward to it. THank you so much.
    p.s. do you know anything about syncing iphone apps from the computer to the phone. It’s really annoying lol. everything else has been easy.

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