He runs through me


And when I love him
Get a feeling
Something close to
Like a sugar rush
He runs through me
But is it wasted love?

Lana Del Rey feat. Stevie Nicks – Beautiful People Beautiful Problems


I can’t see at all


My tea’s gone cold
I’m wondering why
I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds
Up my window and I
Can’t see at all

Dido – Thank You

Blood, guts, guns, cuts


Blood, guts, guns, cuts, knives, lives, wives, nuns, sluts
Bitch I’m gonna kill you
You don’t want to
Fuck with me
You ain’t nothin’
But a slut to me

Eminem – Kill You

Black hair


A dark curtain of black hair
Smothered me, my lover
With her beautiful black hair
The smell of it is heavy
It is charged with life
On my fingers the smell
Of her deep black hair
Full of all my whispered words
Her black hair

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Black Hair

Body and my mind


Shared my body and
My mind with you
That’s all over now
Did what I had to do
‘Cause you’re so
Far past me now

Lana Del Rey – Cruel World

Hurt You


All the nights you slept
Alone dryin’ your eyes
And all the nights you thought
About taking your life
And if it’s love you want again
Don’t waste your time
But if you call me up
I’m fuckin’ you on sight

The Weeknd – Hurt You