Deep sea diver


You took me back
To your place
And dressed me up
In a deep sea diver’s suit

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy


Your hand


You reach your
Hand out to me then
I’m gonna hold it
You fill my eyes
With your smiles
My brain with
Your chemicals

Big Scary – The Opposite Of Us

Everyday Robots


We are everyday
Robots on our phones
In the process of getting home
Looking like standing stones
Out there on our own

Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Real Woman


‘Cause a real man
Knows a real woman
When he sees her
And a real woman
Knows a real man
Ain’t afraid to please her
And a real woman
Knows a real man
Always comes first
And a real man just
Can’t deny a woman’s worth

Alicia Keys – A Woman’s Worth

So sad


So sad, so sad
Sometimes she
Feels so sad
Alone in her
She’d dwell
‘Til the man of her
Dreams comes to
Break the spell

Paul McCartney – Another Day